CM Dhar’s Reflection

Reflecting about “Changes”
September 14, 2008, 7:29 am
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From a Big Bad Cat aka Samurai!

To a mutated sinister looking Valkyrie

and now to the Angelic-Superman (from smallville) look alike…

I really loved changes do i? and following my trend. there is always a “pink” on what i wore on what i hold.

So what do you think about my latest mutation guys and dolls?

Special thanks to GM Zeus rhinoplastry 🙂


Reflecting about “Pictures”
September 11, 2008, 2:42 am
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Yesterday i saw this interesting screenshot in the official website.

Well i was amused and i appreciated the effort made by this saber2 guy. Seriously it is funny! but i’m  not sure if there is a hidden connotation behind this picture. We never know if there is a hidden “something” inside the dialogues and whats with the hat?

Anyway my only concern about this picture is  Why is loki holding a 2 scythe in this picture?

It never stops! saber2 submitted another PAINT masterpiece and like his old topic it involves a GM and a CM again!

Now i therefore conclude that this guy is confused with GM Loki and CM Tonbarry. Remember CM Tonbarry is the one who holds 2 Scythes while GM Loki is the one with a wings!

And oh poor GM Helius . Did you know that you’ve hammered GM Helius’ Sexy-ness in that comics.. “Aw”

anyway who’s the archer guy standing at the top of the tree.. literally.

i wonder if there will be part 3 of this series…

anyway just a random thought for the day

i saw this from Flickr and its kinda true.

Anyway guys and dolls stay connected with your favorite GMs and Cms by emailing us:

Here are the list of contacts, where you can send your comments, suggestions and other concerns:

♦ For any comments, questions and suggestions or anything in-game related
kindly send an e-mail to to be taken care of
GM Aesir and GM Helius.

♦ For any complaints about unanswered Q&A posts, impolite GM answers or
replies, unanswered e-mails from, please
send an e-mail to.

♦ For any potential business partnership with WYD Global, E-Pin / Prepaid
Card Distribution, please send an e-mail to

♦ For any concern about the Community or please send an e-mail to to be taken care of CM Dhar thats me of course!

Reflecting about “Hide and Seek”

As you noticed my dear WYDian’s your beloved community managers already started the “Where am i?” challenge also known as the hide and seek event with a spice.

I know that some players are getting pissed or simply rant about the clues that I’ve been giving. Some players are telling me that the clues didn’t help that much or let’s say at all! but the question is why do some players can easily find me?

Here is the bottom-line guys and dolls! Just analyze the clue’s ok?

So for today I will play as “professor” and I will teach you how to analyze the clues.

The following clues are the actual clues that I’ve used in the 13:00 “Where am I challenge” awhile ago

First Clue:

Did you know that there are different kinds of “trolls” in WYD?

At this point you should think about trolls. I said different kinds so it means I am hiding in a place where there are lots of different kinds of troll.

So the place with lots of trolls will be in the Azran Field or the Armia field.

Second Clue:

“A powerful hero?” Yes i know im powerful! :p

As youve noticed i used a NPC dialogue as my clue. So probablyi am hiding in a place near that NPC.

Third Clue:

Not another “Holy” person

Its obvius that i am talking about a person, a monsters or an NPC. The keyword here is “Holy” so think about any “person” that will suits the word.

Use your imagination and analyzation ‘Holy”=”God”=”Church”=”Priest” anway there are atleast 3 NPC in the game with the word “Priest” beside their name so the answer will be Priest Amelia since she’s the only person in-game with that dialogue  and all you have to do it to find her.

Fourth Clue:

i think her zodiac sign is “Libra”

Think about what a “Libra” is. Libra is one of the zodiac sign with the symbol of a “weighing scale”.

Ring a bell?

Fifth Clue:


We all know that equlibrium is a state of balance between 2 opposing forces.


All you need to the is to analyze all the clues ive given. i know its quite hard because of the event pressure but just stay cool and relax and you will dinf the answer.

If youre instinct is correct  you will probbaly guess that i am hiding near the “Power of Balance quest area”.

So all you need to do is to immediately run like speedy gonzales in the said area and trade or take a screenshot of me depending on what ive asked for.

Remember guys the keyword is those words with a quotation mark or ” “.

So remember guys and dolls dont just find me. use your head and analyze. I hope that you learned the art of analyzing clues today 😉

Reflecting about “September”
September 5, 2008, 2:43 am
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Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last

Wake me up when September ends

Enough with the summer activities and yes you don’t want to wake up when September ends because I will turn the sleeping community to a busy body this month.

Remember the not so famous “Dora-wannabee” aka “Griffin Master the Explorer Award” last Wydians Journal season? Oh well this might be a good news for the faithful followers of the Dora *cough* Griffin Master. Since you want it you’ve got it! Every day I will capture my Kodak moment in a random place  inside the continent of Khersup. All you need to do is to find that place take a screenshot of it and remember the coordinates. Easy right as easy as playing a hide and seek.

You’ve noticed that we have lots of event happening in the European particularly in Poland and American region but fret not South East Asian gamers’ I’ve got something in my sleeve dedicated for you guys and dolls but it doesn’t mean that gamers from other regions cant join! Remember the Friendster thingamajig that I blogged a month ago? Well it will now come into materialization (ohh whatta word!). So attention FRIENDSTER USERS! All you need to do here is to become a Fan of WYD GLOBAL (the fan profile will be announced sooner or later) and watch out for the extraordinary things that I’ll be asking every week. So all you need to do is to add sugar, spice and everything nice to your creative juices!

Still not getting a hang out Alia’s Motivational slash De Motivational funny WYD related posters? Well it will be a good idea if to make one right?

And also try to collect shouts and boost up your brain with the use of lucky boosters! I mean by reading anything under the sun because your knowledge will become handy by the end of the month! Keep in mind that “Knowledge is Power” don’t just play guys and dolls!

“We are the Champions my friend…”
“And will keep on fighting till the end…

Will the ex-champs defend their crown? Because on September 30 we will be announcing the September monthly winners of WYDIANS Journal Season 2.

Remember Community Events always requires a piece of creativity!

Both of the events will probably be held next week September 08 to October 07.

Subject may prior to change.

There are lots of things to do in September what have you done lately? anyway

Still want to wake up when September ends?

Reflecting about “Promotions”
September 2, 2008, 7:05 am
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You’re blog is as good as dead if no one reads it. Imagine no one is reading the precious piece from your extravagant imagination? Since the WYDIANS journal season 2 have started today. I am going to teach you how to promote your blog site so that other people, WYD players or non players alike can be aware that you exist in blogosphere.

1.) Submit your blog thru search engine submission sites. Especially on the most used search engine such as Google and Yahoo!

Google Site Submission:
Yahoo! Submit your site:

If the site requires a tag or keywords’ to be filled up always include tags such as WYD, WYD GLOBAL, WITH YOUR DESTINY, FREE, MMORPG, FUN, ONLINE GAME.

Tags or keyword are important so that the search engines can easily find your site.

2.) Join Social book marking sites. From Wikipedia : Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata. In a social bookmarking system, users save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share.

These bookmarks are usually public, and can be saved privately, shared only with specified people or groups, shared only inside certain networks, or another combination of public and private domains.

The allowed people can usually view these bookmarks chronologically, by category or tags, or via a search engine.

Just think of it as a Friendster or Myspace for your site and the one representing you is your blog.

Two best example of Social Bookmarking sites are Technorati and Mybloglog

3.) When updating your blog use tags! TAG’S as I said earlier it is really important since the search engine depends a lot in this four letter word wonder.

4.) Interact with other bloggers. Especially if you’re a reader of someone blogs. If someone’s blog article interests you put your honest opinion about it together with the url of your blog in the fill up form. With that the blogger of that site will visit your blog and probably become a regular reader of it. It’s free to comment so, do it! The same with your blog if someone puts a comment into your blog. Reply!

5.) Link Back and Relax!. yes if you are fond of reading someone’s blog. Link them back to yours or in other terms simply put them into your blogroll! if they saw you that you link them then they might link you back.

6.) Verbal Effort. tell your  friends about your blog. Promote it thru forums or other social networking place in the web.

Hope that i enlightned your mind with this valuable lesson. Now goodluck and Happy Blogging 🙂

Reflecting about “Season 2”
August 31, 2008, 4:05 am
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First of all i would like to thank newbcaKe for this extraordinary  announcement psoter that he made for us.

In fact i really enjoyed the comic screen shot session itself 😉 nice meeting you newbcaKe

The Wild Boar!

What if we really send him a noobpack instead of his desired Ancient God Weapon?

So the season 1 of the WYDIAN’s journal comes to an end. So let me share my warmest appreciation to the WYDIAN turned blogger in this event. So the first season is finished so what’s next? Well guys and dolls the blogging will never ends because there will be a season 2! Yes you heard it write we will have a season 2 this September so you will still have a time to be an exceptional blogger and have a chance to win some Ancient weapon in case you didn’t won on the first season.

Cooldude21 and Me

Cooldude21 and Me (Congratulating the monthly winners in-game)

Since this will be the Second Season it only means that the contest proper will be reformatted. In the first season used to select daily winners and the process of selecting winners goes like this.
Season 1

You Submit a Blog Update  We Read it  If we like it  3 or 5 Laks

You Submit a Blog Update  We Read it  we don’t like it  Disqualified.

It’s easy to win if we knew that you put your effort in creating your blog then you win. If you copied it from somewhere then better luck next day.

We didn’t limit the number of winning entries on the past season but in season 2 it will be changed and the selection of winners will be like limited. The daily winners will be segregated into two groups. The “Winning Blog Entries and the “Outstanding Blog Entries”, the winning blog entries are the same like those who receive “3 Lakto Powders last season” but in this season instead of receiving 3 Lakto powders they will be receiving 5 Oriharukon powders and 5 Laktorerium powders and the winner will be limited to 5 people. So let’s head to the “Outstanding Blog Entries” group these groups are like those “Best Blog Entry of the day” or simple the outstanding group of the last season and of course the winners will win 10 Laktorerium powders and at the same time the number of winners will be limited to 5.

The reason for limiting the winners is to avoid those dummy and copy pasted entries that we are receiving everyday and since the prize becomes bigger it is necessary that you adjust your “Effort-ting System” in creating a wonderful blog.

And remember the Top blogger of the week last season? That can be determine by counting the number of days you become an “Outstanding Blog”. The top bloggers of the week will receive an additional 5 Laktorerium powder. So it is possible to receive 15 laktorerium powders every tuesday or end of the WYD week (*cough* maintenance).

Aside from the daily winners we will also be having the “Weekly Winner” Yes without “S” so only 1 blogger can win that prize which is to be announced when the official event poster is finished.
Running out of an idea on what to blog? We have a solution for that! Every week we will be suggesting an “extraordinary topic” to be blogged. The best blogger who blogs about that topic in his creative way will be the “Weekly Winner”

The Monthly winners will be… oops I think I already squeal too much.

Anyway the second season will start on September 2. So good luck and unleash the fantastic blogger within you!

Reflecting about “Friends”
August 26, 2008, 5:57 am
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Hello guys and dolls. For the reason that social networking is the “thang” in the internet today I decided to create a social networking profile in Friendster and Facebook. So dear WYDian Friendster users I am inviting you all to add me in my Friendster account just head to click the “add as a friend” button and wait for me to accept it. My last name is ‘’WYD”.
Curiosity killed the cat but asking is a different scenario. Ok maybe you are asking why I created a Friendster account and why do you need to add me. Keep this sentence into your mind “If I asked a WYDIAN to do something it only means one thing. There will be a possible contest or event regarding that sooner or later.”
The Facebook account will be announced later on.

Speaking of friendster and friends I remembered a quote from a close friend…

There are big ship and small ship but the best ship is “Friendship”.

The quote is a little bit cheesy but its true. Its probably the best “ship” you can have in youre entire life and since we are discussiong about this “friendship” thingy. i take a tour in-game trying to find NPC’s that we may consider as friends.

Aki and Cargo Guard probably they are BFF’s no i didnt mean they are boyfriends or there are something romantic going on around them. I just noticed that ever since the WYD world begun the two always stick around with each other. Certified Best Friends Forever!

The Mystic Journey Event did not only include new quest to perform. The event also brings a new girl band slash Spice Girls Wannabee NPC to adore.

Lets take a look at them…

Uniform Weapons, Uniform Clothes and identical physical form. Probably they belong to a group of friends or something. Anyway seeing them makes me wanna i wanna i wanna i wanna really really really wanna ziggy zig ah.

Its good to make new friends and treasure the old ones so guys and dolls dont forget to add me in Friendster and Facebook ok?