CM Dhar’s Reflection

Reflecting about “Season 2”
August 31, 2008, 4:05 am
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First of all i would like to thank newbcaKe for this extraordinary  announcement psoter that he made for us.

In fact i really enjoyed the comic screen shot session itself 😉 nice meeting you newbcaKe

The Wild Boar!

What if we really send him a noobpack instead of his desired Ancient God Weapon?

So the season 1 of the WYDIAN’s journal comes to an end. So let me share my warmest appreciation to the WYDIAN turned blogger in this event. So the first season is finished so what’s next? Well guys and dolls the blogging will never ends because there will be a season 2! Yes you heard it write we will have a season 2 this September so you will still have a time to be an exceptional blogger and have a chance to win some Ancient weapon in case you didn’t won on the first season.

Cooldude21 and Me

Cooldude21 and Me (Congratulating the monthly winners in-game)

Since this will be the Second Season it only means that the contest proper will be reformatted. In the first season used to select daily winners and the process of selecting winners goes like this.
Season 1

You Submit a Blog Update  We Read it  If we like it  3 or 5 Laks

You Submit a Blog Update  We Read it  we don’t like it  Disqualified.

It’s easy to win if we knew that you put your effort in creating your blog then you win. If you copied it from somewhere then better luck next day.

We didn’t limit the number of winning entries on the past season but in season 2 it will be changed and the selection of winners will be like limited. The daily winners will be segregated into two groups. The “Winning Blog Entries and the “Outstanding Blog Entries”, the winning blog entries are the same like those who receive “3 Lakto Powders last season” but in this season instead of receiving 3 Lakto powders they will be receiving 5 Oriharukon powders and 5 Laktorerium powders and the winner will be limited to 5 people. So let’s head to the “Outstanding Blog Entries” group these groups are like those “Best Blog Entry of the day” or simple the outstanding group of the last season and of course the winners will win 10 Laktorerium powders and at the same time the number of winners will be limited to 5.

The reason for limiting the winners is to avoid those dummy and copy pasted entries that we are receiving everyday and since the prize becomes bigger it is necessary that you adjust your “Effort-ting System” in creating a wonderful blog.

And remember the Top blogger of the week last season? That can be determine by counting the number of days you become an “Outstanding Blog”. The top bloggers of the week will receive an additional 5 Laktorerium powder. So it is possible to receive 15 laktorerium powders every tuesday or end of the WYD week (*cough* maintenance).

Aside from the daily winners we will also be having the “Weekly Winner” Yes without “S” so only 1 blogger can win that prize which is to be announced when the official event poster is finished.
Running out of an idea on what to blog? We have a solution for that! Every week we will be suggesting an “extraordinary topic” to be blogged. The best blogger who blogs about that topic in his creative way will be the “Weekly Winner”

The Monthly winners will be… oops I think I already squeal too much.

Anyway the second season will start on September 2. So good luck and unleash the fantastic blogger within you!


Reflecting about “Friends”
August 26, 2008, 5:57 am
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Hello guys and dolls. For the reason that social networking is the “thang” in the internet today I decided to create a social networking profile in Friendster and Facebook. So dear WYDian Friendster users I am inviting you all to add me in my Friendster account just head to click the “add as a friend” button and wait for me to accept it. My last name is ‘’WYD”.
Curiosity killed the cat but asking is a different scenario. Ok maybe you are asking why I created a Friendster account and why do you need to add me. Keep this sentence into your mind “If I asked a WYDIAN to do something it only means one thing. There will be a possible contest or event regarding that sooner or later.”
The Facebook account will be announced later on.

Speaking of friendster and friends I remembered a quote from a close friend…

There are big ship and small ship but the best ship is “Friendship”.

The quote is a little bit cheesy but its true. Its probably the best “ship” you can have in youre entire life and since we are discussiong about this “friendship” thingy. i take a tour in-game trying to find NPC’s that we may consider as friends.

Aki and Cargo Guard probably they are BFF’s no i didnt mean they are boyfriends or there are something romantic going on around them. I just noticed that ever since the WYD world begun the two always stick around with each other. Certified Best Friends Forever!

The Mystic Journey Event did not only include new quest to perform. The event also brings a new girl band slash Spice Girls Wannabee NPC to adore.

Lets take a look at them…

Uniform Weapons, Uniform Clothes and identical physical form. Probably they belong to a group of friends or something. Anyway seeing them makes me wanna i wanna i wanna i wanna really really really wanna ziggy zig ah.

Its good to make new friends and treasure the old ones so guys and dolls dont forget to add me in Friendster and Facebook ok?

Reflecting about “Multi Client”

Ever missed the “Multi Client”feature of the game. Today i will turn to an evil CM and i will teach you how to play WYD Global like you did before *cough multi* *cough client*. Oh well youre lovable and sexy GM SEXY *cough* Helius asked me to do this so enjoy using it and tell her your appreciation when you see her in-game.

To do this you must have a running WYD program in your process ( WYDWO.exe).

First download this program : Click Here to Download ( The credit goes to the owner )

Right Click the Link and Save Target Us

Put it anywhere in your computer.

After Downloading open it and you will see something like this.

On the Old Client name form type With Your Destiny.

Make sure that your WYD Global client is installed properly in a folder with that name.

on the New Name tab type anthing.

Then click Rename

The program will find a program with a task bar title of With Your Destiny and it will rename it to the name you specified.

With that you can open another window of WYD by clicking the WYDWO.exe in you With Your Destiny Folder. To open more clients just perform the same steps over and over again.

Credits :

GM Helius

And to the owner of the Program .

Reflecting about “Abusers”
August 20, 2008, 3:20 am
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Image from Meets the Fockers movie.

Because this is a serious matter that affects the Game Balance. Let me repost the Warning from the CM Lairs Blog and also from the Official WYD Community Blog site. Always remember that playing in a fair manner is the only way to achive your game fullfilment :).


Please be informed that due to alarming number of complains that we are receiving everyday in our Q&A section regarding those players that are using 3rd party program such as “cheat engine”, WYD Global Team doubled their effort and stricter to those players that are using any cheats or other 3rd party programs. Any players caught and proven true that they are really using any 3rd party Program will “Ban Permanently” including all their sub accounts.


Please be informed that we will strictly monitor Kephra for bug abuser, please be reminded that if we caught you doing such violation we will blocked
all your accounts including the main and the sub accounts for 2 weeks.

Thank you very much for your outmost understanding and  cooperation!

WYD Global Team

Reflecting about GM’s and the CM’s Looks PART 3
August 20, 2008, 2:17 am
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I easily get tired of looking at the same thing for some quite time. Well I enjoyed being your uber “gigantic” Community Manager but I get tired to it so I decided to change my looks a little bit of something new? And a little bit something that makes players go “Wow~!”

Presenting CM Dhar's fresh look XD!

Presenting CM Dhar's New Look!

Fresh from the cold valley’s of Niffleheim! CM Dhar evolved from a Kalintz Catwoman to a Valkyrie Rozen. Maybe you guys are think why i decided to change my looks.

Firsti i got annoyed with my gigantic uber sized cat woman shining shimmering splendid in pink character. Second we all know that GM Fury also used the Calintz Catwoman as his avatar and i dont want to have a twin in-game. Third I want to look more sinister. Even though my old look is sinister enough to be evil sadly i want more!. Fourth i want to belong to GM Loki and Nemesis flying association ( notice how they move XD ). And last but not the least Purple is the new Pink!

This Picture + Toccata and Fuge BGM = Uber Evilness

This Picture + Toccata and Fuge BGM = Uber Evilness

And im not the only one who conduct some Image change. GM Zeus joins the bandwagon by cosplaying Bulma from Dragon Ball in-game.

Cha la Head Cha la!

From a damsel in distress Shayna look  to an Anime Character? One thing is for sure she looks Beautiful, Sexy and Dangerous. A femme fatale indeed! And aside from Bulma. Her new look reminds me of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

Are you ready to Raid some tomb to find the Dragon Balls GM Zeus? nice Valkyrie Sword anyway.

What can you guy say on the way we look tonight?

Reflecting about “The End”
August 17, 2008, 2:51 am
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Isn’t it absurd when someone attempted to PK you but instead you end up killing him? Do you have the urge to kill someone when you saw some red names around you? Or sometimes your killing instincts are off the scale and you are the one who initiate the PK-spree?

PK or player kill is one of the must have feature of an Online Game. An online game without a PK system is as good as dead. Imagine no one to compete to? No one will face your wrath or no one to make you feel challenged.

Blood Lust…

Welcome to the real world where there is no PK system. When you get killed it’s the end. No Confirmation Window to answer if you want to re spawn and no one will resurrect you if  you die. All of your “Experience” in the past few years will not be deducted but instead all of it will be lost.

A while ago when I was heading to the office I saw some police vehicles in front of our building. Curiosity tickled my mind and I saw my co employee outside. I asked her “What Happened?” and she said “Someone Died,  Someone got killed”. Of course I was shocked.

It happened to one of the Security Personnel of our working place a while ago his just doing his daily routine of keeping the premises safe day and night and suddenly someone stabbed him on his upper chest and died.

He died in the very front door of our working place.

Even though I didn’t witness the whole scenario and regardless of the reason why his killed all I can say is that I am going to miss him. His the only Security Personnel who have the guts to talk to the employees. A very sociable one indeed! I remembered the time when it was raining so hard and I don’t have any umbrella and he lends me one his even the first person to talk to me when I was still applying in this company giving me the direction on my destination.

But what can we do? He will not re spawn… He can’t be resurrected… It’s the end.

It makes me realize that death is unexpected. We may be a happy person today but it wouldn’t hide the fact that we can die on the sooner or later.

We can never tell. We are like a candle that glow brightly if someone put our flames out then it’s over.

Life is like an Online Game. A game where PK system is prohibited and Death means….

Reflecting about WYDIAN’s JOURNAL
August 12, 2008, 8:45 am
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It’s been a while since we started the WYDIANS JOURNAL Contest. A contest that allows players to win 3 Laktorerium powders easily. Just submit a blog update and you will win. I noticed some players are really serious about this putting their hearts into their blog entry while some are just making updates just for the sake of the powders.

Well we can’t blame that since all of them are eye-ing for the top prize and the consolation prize is easy to acquire. Anyway let’s get to the point i noticed that the GM’s “Magical Q and A Vault” are being filled up by some queries related to this contest.

CM’s i submitted an entry to WYD journal but i didn’t win?

These are the common answers regarding that question. so every time you have the urge yto ask that question to the Q and A always remember this:

1.) It’s either you copied your blog entry from an existing WYD related site or blog.

Yes some players are really doing this “Evil” thing. Well i can’t play lets “pin point the names” here but if you’re doing this please stop performing this kind of activity.  I wont let you win no matter what. There are even some tendencies that they even copied the profile and the nickname from their source.


Please keep in mind that we the CM’s and as well as some Game Masters are actually reading your blogs. We do not prefer reading stuffs that we’ve already read from another blog.

2.)  You are using a SUB-ACCOUNT and act as if youre a new participant.

There is no such thing as a “Multi-Client/Participant” in this contest.  So guys if youre that desperate to have those powders try to make some articles that deserves 5 laks rather than making another blog and submitting it on the contest.

The picture above shows a participant who uses  sub-accounts with newly created blogs to join. Notice the IP address and the Time?.  Its just one of our “Tricks” to detect those abusers.

Well if we saw someone that refers to this kind of “Participant” in the Q and A  my initial reaction will be.

You know yourself” (and your dummy accounts ). “We also know who you are” So my advised is to stop using this method because youre just wasting your precious time.

3.)  WordPress System Fault!

Yes its their fault not ours. Sometimes your comment will not appear in the “Awating Moderations Section” or even in the “Akismet Spam” section.

So atleast submit your comment twice just to make sure that it is accepted by the system. We wont appreciate if you submit youre comments 10x.

I won but i didnt received my prize?

Please refer to the answers above. If we cant answer that then it means you didnt tell us your “CHARACTER NAME“. Please remember that failure to do that means disqualification.

Lets talk about Conspiracies, Favoritism, Awards and Stuffs.

As you noticed some bloggers are winning 5 laks instead of 3 from the time being. The reason for that is because we are really entertained, moved and amazed by their articles. There are no conspiracies or favoritism involved its just that those bloggers really put their 100% in their article and they deserve the additional rewards.

Thats all hope you learn something from the head CM ^_^