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Reflecting about “September”
September 5, 2008, 2:43 am
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Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last

Wake me up when September ends

Enough with the summer activities and yes you don’t want to wake up when September ends because I will turn the sleeping community to a busy body this month.

Remember the not so famous “Dora-wannabee” aka “Griffin Master the Explorer Award” last Wydians Journal season? Oh well this might be a good news for the faithful followers of the Dora *cough* Griffin Master. Since you want it you’ve got it! Every day I will capture my Kodak moment in a random place  inside the continent of Khersup. All you need to do is to find that place take a screenshot of it and remember the coordinates. Easy right as easy as playing a hide and seek.

You’ve noticed that we have lots of event happening in the European particularly in Poland and American region but fret not South East Asian gamers’ I’ve got something in my sleeve dedicated for you guys and dolls but it doesn’t mean that gamers from other regions cant join! Remember the Friendster thingamajig that I blogged a month ago? Well it will now come into materialization (ohh whatta word!). So attention FRIENDSTER USERS! All you need to do here is to become a Fan of WYD GLOBAL (the fan profile will be announced sooner or later) and watch out for the extraordinary things that I’ll be asking every week. So all you need to do is to add sugar, spice and everything nice to your creative juices!

Still not getting a hang out Alia’s Motivational slash De Motivational funny WYD related posters? Well it will be a good idea if to make one right?

And also try to collect shouts and boost up your brain with the use of lucky boosters! I mean by reading anything under the sun because your knowledge will become handy by the end of the month! Keep in mind that “Knowledge is Power” don’t just play guys and dolls!

“We are the Champions my friend…”
“And will keep on fighting till the end…

Will the ex-champs defend their crown? Because on September 30 we will be announcing the September monthly winners of WYDIANS Journal Season 2.

Remember Community Events always requires a piece of creativity!

Both of the events will probably be held next week September 08 to October 07.

Subject may prior to change.

There are lots of things to do in September what have you done lately? anyway

Still want to wake up when September ends?


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Lol sweetness so many events coming up.

but i hope the details will be clearer as its kinda messy lol. Correct me if im wrong.

1. Dora Explorer event?
2. Friendster event?
3. Poster-making event?
4. Shouts and answer event?

lol dont hafta wake me up when sept ends, cos i wont be sleeping the whole of sept with this uber cool events! 😀

Comment by Cooldude21

its like…
1. Dora Explorer event? some sort of Hide and Seek take a screenshot blah blah contest. the official title is “Where am i?”
2. Friendster event? or the “WYDIAN Friend-sters!” some sort of social networking event.
3. Poster-making event? nope its a player fan submission kind of program an dit will be permanent.
4. Shouts and answer event? correct!

Comment by CM Dhar

Woooo sweet.

theres gonna be an official banner or something for it when its up right? 😀

Comment by Cooldude21

there will be… it will be posted ont he official site this tuesday.

Comment by CM Dhar

thanks for answerin all my questions at armia and here 😀

and think theres a minor typo it should be September 08 to October 08 not 07 Dhar lol!

Comment by Cooldude21

it is indeed October 07 since.. Oct 07 is tuesday..

all events will start and ends in tuesday ;0

Comment by CM Dhar

Great! a fanart contest! i hope the prizes aren’t just for hilvl players XD
good thing i still didnt post my fanart in my blog =)

Comment by newbcake

lol Dhar its 2008 now not 2007 >_<”

ehehee i look forward to seeing ur artwork newbcake 😀 as always.

btw laks havent been inserted into my acct hehe.

Comment by Cooldude21

i didn’t said its 2007

i said its from September 08 to October 07 of this year 😀

kindly tell the Gm bout your price via Q and A

Comment by CM Dhar

hey dhar what are the new topics about the blogging event for the next week?

Comment by soloran

it is stated on the submission page.. i updated it…

Comment by CM Dhar

Hey dhar, buddy old friend.

I was hoping maybe I could interview you once more. I have a few good questions that I would like to ask you and we will let those answers lead to the next questions. I will be on later tonight. I wont be blogging today. Im going to let my brain refresh itself and gain some new topics to blog about.

So if you have the time I would love more than anything than to interview you again. 😀



Comment by soloran

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