CM Dhar’s Reflection

Who is CM Dhar?

A fabulous salutation my dear Wydian’s. I am CM Dhar the most talented, sophisticated and exceptional right hand of the Divine Angels of WYD and also the messenger of the Great Scholar’s of Khersup.

Ok where will i start? Oh Hi~! i am one of the appointed Community Manager for WYD Global. yeah one of the CM not GM please do not be confused. I cant summon Kephra in a flash nor produce golds like that duck from jack and the beanstalk is that even a duck? Or to /relo you in a place beyond your imagination.

As your beloved CM i will keep you guys updated about the latest game development and i will be performing some mouth-watering forum and in-game event for you guys to enjoy. If you prefer guys and girls i can gate crash your academy water PT sometime to box for a couple of scrolls or even visit your guild to do some chit-chatting.

I am the one who is tasked to guard the WYDIAN’s great gallery so you don’t have to worry guys ill keep the “Chef-d’Ouvre” safe and sound. Aside from that i am also the one to announce the precious name of the fantastic artiste and literati for that week.

Im Not a Fan of PINK ok?

have a nice day WYDIAN’s

CM Dhar


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