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Reflecting about “Abusers”
August 20, 2008, 3:20 am
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Image from Meets the Fockers movie.

Because this is a serious matter that affects the Game Balance. Let me repost the Warning from the CM Lairs Blog and also from the Official WYD Community Blog site. Always remember that playing in a fair manner is the only way to achive your game fullfilment :).


Please be informed that due to alarming number of complains that we are receiving everyday in our Q&A section regarding those players that are using 3rd party program such as “cheat engine”, WYD Global Team doubled their effort and stricter to those players that are using any cheats or other 3rd party programs. Any players caught and proven true that they are really using any 3rd party Program will “Ban Permanently” including all their sub accounts.


Please be informed that we will strictly monitor Kephra for bug abuser, please be reminded that if we caught you doing such violation we will blocked
all your accounts including the main and the sub accounts for 2 weeks.

Thank you very much for your outmost understanding and  cooperation!

WYD Global Team


Reflecting about WYDIAN’s JOURNAL
August 12, 2008, 8:45 am
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It’s been a while since we started the WYDIANS JOURNAL Contest. A contest that allows players to win 3 Laktorerium powders easily. Just submit a blog update and you will win. I noticed some players are really serious about this putting their hearts into their blog entry while some are just making updates just for the sake of the powders.

Well we can’t blame that since all of them are eye-ing for the top prize and the consolation prize is easy to acquire. Anyway let’s get to the point i noticed that the GM’s “Magical Q and A Vault” are being filled up by some queries related to this contest.

CM’s i submitted an entry to WYD journal but i didn’t win?

These are the common answers regarding that question. so every time you have the urge yto ask that question to the Q and A always remember this:

1.) It’s either you copied your blog entry from an existing WYD related site or blog.

Yes some players are really doing this “Evil” thing. Well i can’t play lets “pin point the names” here but if you’re doing this please stop performing this kind of activity.  I wont let you win no matter what. There are even some tendencies that they even copied the profile and the nickname from their source.


Please keep in mind that we the CM’s and as well as some Game Masters are actually reading your blogs. We do not prefer reading stuffs that we’ve already read from another blog.

2.)  You are using a SUB-ACCOUNT and act as if youre a new participant.

There is no such thing as a “Multi-Client/Participant” in this contest.  So guys if youre that desperate to have those powders try to make some articles that deserves 5 laks rather than making another blog and submitting it on the contest.

The picture above shows a participant who uses  sub-accounts with newly created blogs to join. Notice the IP address and the Time?.  Its just one of our “Tricks” to detect those abusers.

Well if we saw someone that refers to this kind of “Participant” in the Q and A  my initial reaction will be.

You know yourself” (and your dummy accounts ). “We also know who you are” So my advised is to stop using this method because youre just wasting your precious time.

3.)  WordPress System Fault!

Yes its their fault not ours. Sometimes your comment will not appear in the “Awating Moderations Section” or even in the “Akismet Spam” section.

So atleast submit your comment twice just to make sure that it is accepted by the system. We wont appreciate if you submit youre comments 10x.

I won but i didnt received my prize?

Please refer to the answers above. If we cant answer that then it means you didnt tell us your “CHARACTER NAME“. Please remember that failure to do that means disqualification.

Lets talk about Conspiracies, Favoritism, Awards and Stuffs.

As you noticed some bloggers are winning 5 laks instead of 3 from the time being. The reason for that is because we are really entertained, moved and amazed by their articles. There are no conspiracies or favoritism involved its just that those bloggers really put their 100% in their article and they deserve the additional rewards.

Thats all hope you learn something from the head CM ^_^