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Reflecting about “Pictures”
September 11, 2008, 2:42 am
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Yesterday i saw this interesting screenshot in the official website.

Well i was amused and i appreciated the effort made by this saber2 guy. Seriously it is funny! but i’m  not sure if there is a hidden connotation behind this picture. We never know if there is a hidden “something” inside the dialogues and whats with the hat?

Anyway my only concern about this picture is  Why is loki holding a 2 scythe in this picture?

It never stops! saber2 submitted another PAINT masterpiece and like his old topic it involves a GM and a CM again!

Now i therefore conclude that this guy is confused with GM Loki and CM Tonbarry. Remember CM Tonbarry is the one who holds 2 Scythes while GM Loki is the one with a wings!

And oh poor GM Helius . Did you know that you’ve hammered GM Helius’ Sexy-ness in that comics.. “Aw”

anyway who’s the archer guy standing at the top of the tree.. literally.

i wonder if there will be part 3 of this series…

anyway just a random thought for the day

i saw this from Flickr and its kinda true.

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Reflecting about GM’s and the CM’s Looks PART 2
August 9, 2008, 5:33 am
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Allow me to continue the discussion about the Looks of youre friendly neighborhood ( sorry guys not spider man! ). So lets start with GM Loki.

Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars….

Obviously this “smexxy little purple lady “is using Succubus as her Avatar. For those who didnt know what a Succubus mean it is the 8th skill of the beast masters summoning skill and a little bit of trivia Succubus is a demon, who takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men, especially monks , in dreams to have sexual intercourse. ( sounds hot? nah…. but come to think of it lol… ).

The next victim to our beloved spin the bottle game ( is it? ) is  GM Nemesis.

I believe i can fly ohhh..

This GM is another Sexy avatar user err… anyway she uses some sort of evolved Valkyrie Rosen as her avatar.

Some Lazy Valkyrie doing her shopping spree of WYDIAN corpse.

She completes her avatar by equipping 2 Dual Bloody Axe or a Giant Pink Scythe!. She looks more sinsiter than Loki IMO.

Bumming around on GM Land…

And yes that my UBER Giant Steed! Anyway we will be continuing the discussion about the other GM’s look in the next update. Thats all for now! toodles~

Reflecting about GM’s and the CM’s Looks PART 1….
August 8, 2008, 7:05 am
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Youve seen us. Youve talked to us  but do you ever wonder where we get our looks? Probably you will notice that GM’s and CM’s are using a Monster, an NPC or just a Normal Character as their Avatar. So let me reveal to you the origination of our looks.

Lets start with your dear Community Manager’s

Aruman used to be a Trans Knight with a Celestial Cape and he looks something like this.

CM Aruman’s Old Look

But Nirvana striked his brain like a bullet train resulting an “Enlightned Aruman” so now he looks like this.

CM Aruman’s New Look

He became a Griffon Master Wannabee + The Ancient Ent’s Troll

Now lets take a look with Tonberry! yes Tonberry!. Tonbarry is just a typo that tooks forever to be fixed for some unknown malovent force called “forgetfulness”. Anyway Tonberry is using God Foema without her clothes. Dont ask me why but i think she loves to show off her Coca Cola Body!

Tonbarry in her naked glory…

She completes her revealing outfit by equipping 2 giant Scythes. Ohh playing Grim Reaper tonbarry?

Now lets proceed to the everyone’s honey (eww.. :p)  Nyx. START SARCASM In my opinion she’s is very traditional! she even wears her hanbok in-game. END SARCASM Ok guys and dolls she’s not pregnant or fat.

안녕하세요 저는 닉크스!^^

She’s just using a Han Bok or the Korean Traditional Costume as her avatar. For some reason she liked that very much even though she knows the fact that we can change it anytime. Anyway people dubbed her as “Fashionable Nyx” for some reason!

Ok for the last stop lets talk about me.

Yes me! your Bid Bad Cat! aka The Pink Cat aka The Giant aka The WYD Godzilla! ok  as you notice im using a Kalintz Catwoman as my avatar.

Kalintz Cat Woman

This Cat’s can be found on Niffleheim and are very strong. GM Fury also uses this monster as his avatar ( + the ancient ent troll and minus the pink color )  i think.

Impersonating a Samurai again….

I use 2 Froggy Sword as my choice of weapon becaus ei just love those.. It looks like a Samurai and the Pink aura in my body is just a manisfestation of my armors level upgrade. As you can see im still wearing the default Kalintz Cat Woman Attire.

Next post i will be discussing about the Looks of our dear Game Masters so stay tuned…