CM Dhar’s Reflection

Reflecting about “Changes”
September 14, 2008, 7:29 am
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From a Big Bad Cat aka Samurai!

To a mutated sinister looking Valkyrie

and now to the Angelic-Superman (from smallville) look alike…

I really loved changes do i? and following my trend. there is always a “pink” on what i wore on what i hold.

So what do you think about my latest mutation guys and dolls?

Special thanks to GM Zeus rhinoplastry 🙂


Reflecting about “Hide and Seek”

As you noticed my dear WYDian’s your beloved community managers already started the “Where am i?” challenge also known as the hide and seek event with a spice.

I know that some players are getting pissed or simply rant about the clues that I’ve been giving. Some players are telling me that the clues didn’t help that much or let’s say at all! but the question is why do some players can easily find me?

Here is the bottom-line guys and dolls! Just analyze the clue’s ok?

So for today I will play as “professor” and I will teach you how to analyze the clues.

The following clues are the actual clues that I’ve used in the 13:00 “Where am I challenge” awhile ago

First Clue:

Did you know that there are different kinds of “trolls” in WYD?

At this point you should think about trolls. I said different kinds so it means I am hiding in a place where there are lots of different kinds of troll.

So the place with lots of trolls will be in the Azran Field or the Armia field.

Second Clue:

“A powerful hero?” Yes i know im powerful! :p

As youve noticed i used a NPC dialogue as my clue. So probablyi am hiding in a place near that NPC.

Third Clue:

Not another “Holy” person

Its obvius that i am talking about a person, a monsters or an NPC. The keyword here is “Holy” so think about any “person” that will suits the word.

Use your imagination and analyzation ‘Holy”=”God”=”Church”=”Priest” anway there are atleast 3 NPC in the game with the word “Priest” beside their name so the answer will be Priest Amelia since she’s the only person in-game with that dialogue  and all you have to do it to find her.

Fourth Clue:

i think her zodiac sign is “Libra”

Think about what a “Libra” is. Libra is one of the zodiac sign with the symbol of a “weighing scale”.

Ring a bell?

Fifth Clue:


We all know that equlibrium is a state of balance between 2 opposing forces.


All you need to the is to analyze all the clues ive given. i know its quite hard because of the event pressure but just stay cool and relax and you will dinf the answer.

If youre instinct is correct  you will probbaly guess that i am hiding near the “Power of Balance quest area”.

So all you need to do is to immediately run like speedy gonzales in the said area and trade or take a screenshot of me depending on what ive asked for.

Remember guys the keyword is those words with a quotation mark or ” “.

So remember guys and dolls dont just find me. use your head and analyze. I hope that you learned the art of analyzing clues today 😉

Reflecting about GM’s and the CM’s Looks PART 3
August 20, 2008, 2:17 am
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I easily get tired of looking at the same thing for some quite time. Well I enjoyed being your uber “gigantic” Community Manager but I get tired to it so I decided to change my looks a little bit of something new? And a little bit something that makes players go “Wow~!”

Presenting CM Dhar's fresh look XD!

Presenting CM Dhar's New Look!

Fresh from the cold valley’s of Niffleheim! CM Dhar evolved from a Kalintz Catwoman to a Valkyrie Rozen. Maybe you guys are think why i decided to change my looks.

Firsti i got annoyed with my gigantic uber sized cat woman shining shimmering splendid in pink character. Second we all know that GM Fury also used the Calintz Catwoman as his avatar and i dont want to have a twin in-game. Third I want to look more sinister. Even though my old look is sinister enough to be evil sadly i want more!. Fourth i want to belong to GM Loki and Nemesis flying association ( notice how they move XD ). And last but not the least Purple is the new Pink!

This Picture + Toccata and Fuge BGM = Uber Evilness

This Picture + Toccata and Fuge BGM = Uber Evilness

And im not the only one who conduct some Image change. GM Zeus joins the bandwagon by cosplaying Bulma from Dragon Ball in-game.

Cha la Head Cha la!

From a damsel in distress Shayna look  to an Anime Character? One thing is for sure she looks Beautiful, Sexy and Dangerous. A femme fatale indeed! And aside from Bulma. Her new look reminds me of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

Are you ready to Raid some tomb to find the Dragon Balls GM Zeus? nice Valkyrie Sword anyway.

What can you guy say on the way we look tonight?

Reflecting about “The End”
August 17, 2008, 2:51 am
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Isn’t it absurd when someone attempted to PK you but instead you end up killing him? Do you have the urge to kill someone when you saw some red names around you? Or sometimes your killing instincts are off the scale and you are the one who initiate the PK-spree?

PK or player kill is one of the must have feature of an Online Game. An online game without a PK system is as good as dead. Imagine no one to compete to? No one will face your wrath or no one to make you feel challenged.

Blood Lust…

Welcome to the real world where there is no PK system. When you get killed it’s the end. No Confirmation Window to answer if you want to re spawn and no one will resurrect you if  you die. All of your “Experience” in the past few years will not be deducted but instead all of it will be lost.

A while ago when I was heading to the office I saw some police vehicles in front of our building. Curiosity tickled my mind and I saw my co employee outside. I asked her “What Happened?” and she said “Someone Died,  Someone got killed”. Of course I was shocked.

It happened to one of the Security Personnel of our working place a while ago his just doing his daily routine of keeping the premises safe day and night and suddenly someone stabbed him on his upper chest and died.

He died in the very front door of our working place.

Even though I didn’t witness the whole scenario and regardless of the reason why his killed all I can say is that I am going to miss him. His the only Security Personnel who have the guts to talk to the employees. A very sociable one indeed! I remembered the time when it was raining so hard and I don’t have any umbrella and he lends me one his even the first person to talk to me when I was still applying in this company giving me the direction on my destination.

But what can we do? He will not re spawn… He can’t be resurrected… It’s the end.

It makes me realize that death is unexpected. We may be a happy person today but it wouldn’t hide the fact that we can die on the sooner or later.

We can never tell. We are like a candle that glow brightly if someone put our flames out then it’s over.

Life is like an Online Game. A game where PK system is prohibited and Death means….

Reflecting about GM’s and the CM’s Looks PART 2
August 9, 2008, 5:33 am
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Allow me to continue the discussion about the Looks of youre friendly neighborhood ( sorry guys not spider man! ). So lets start with GM Loki.

Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars….

Obviously this “smexxy little purple lady “is using Succubus as her Avatar. For those who didnt know what a Succubus mean it is the 8th skill of the beast masters summoning skill and a little bit of trivia Succubus is a demon, who takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men, especially monks , in dreams to have sexual intercourse. ( sounds hot? nah…. but come to think of it lol… ).

The next victim to our beloved spin the bottle game ( is it? ) is  GM Nemesis.

I believe i can fly ohhh..

This GM is another Sexy avatar user err… anyway she uses some sort of evolved Valkyrie Rosen as her avatar.

Some Lazy Valkyrie doing her shopping spree of WYDIAN corpse.

She completes her avatar by equipping 2 Dual Bloody Axe or a Giant Pink Scythe!. She looks more sinsiter than Loki IMO.

Bumming around on GM Land…

And yes that my UBER Giant Steed! Anyway we will be continuing the discussion about the other GM’s look in the next update. Thats all for now! toodles~

Reflecting about GM’s and the CM’s Looks PART 1….
August 8, 2008, 7:05 am
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Youve seen us. Youve talked to us  but do you ever wonder where we get our looks? Probably you will notice that GM’s and CM’s are using a Monster, an NPC or just a Normal Character as their Avatar. So let me reveal to you the origination of our looks.

Lets start with your dear Community Manager’s

Aruman used to be a Trans Knight with a Celestial Cape and he looks something like this.

CM Aruman’s Old Look

But Nirvana striked his brain like a bullet train resulting an “Enlightned Aruman” so now he looks like this.

CM Aruman’s New Look

He became a Griffon Master Wannabee + The Ancient Ent’s Troll

Now lets take a look with Tonberry! yes Tonberry!. Tonbarry is just a typo that tooks forever to be fixed for some unknown malovent force called “forgetfulness”. Anyway Tonberry is using God Foema without her clothes. Dont ask me why but i think she loves to show off her Coca Cola Body!

Tonbarry in her naked glory…

She completes her revealing outfit by equipping 2 giant Scythes. Ohh playing Grim Reaper tonbarry?

Now lets proceed to the everyone’s honey (eww.. :p)  Nyx. START SARCASM In my opinion she’s is very traditional! she even wears her hanbok in-game. END SARCASM Ok guys and dolls she’s not pregnant or fat.

안녕하세요 저는 닉크스!^^

She’s just using a Han Bok or the Korean Traditional Costume as her avatar. For some reason she liked that very much even though she knows the fact that we can change it anytime. Anyway people dubbed her as “Fashionable Nyx” for some reason!

Ok for the last stop lets talk about me.

Yes me! your Bid Bad Cat! aka The Pink Cat aka The Giant aka The WYD Godzilla! ok  as you notice im using a Kalintz Catwoman as my avatar.

Kalintz Cat Woman

This Cat’s can be found on Niffleheim and are very strong. GM Fury also uses this monster as his avatar ( + the ancient ent troll and minus the pink color )  i think.

Impersonating a Samurai again….

I use 2 Froggy Sword as my choice of weapon becaus ei just love those.. It looks like a Samurai and the Pink aura in my body is just a manisfestation of my armors level upgrade. As you can see im still wearing the default Kalintz Cat Woman Attire.

Next post i will be discussing about the Looks of our dear Game Masters so stay tuned…

Reflecting about PEP Talk’s
August 6, 2008, 8:01 am
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One of the activities of a community manager is to perform some pep talks to our dear WYDIAN’s. For those who do not know what “PEP talk” means “its motivational strategy aimed at heightening arousal.” Oh I didn’t mean that “Arousal” in short it’s just a series of random conversation just to cheer you up!

Sometimes those series of conversation turns good and sometimes turns bad. First of all guys and dolls always remember that as a CM we are trying to fit in the community so we are removing any forms of Super slash Uber *insert word here* formalities into a conversation. Indeed we are trying to talk to you as a player and not as a person who possess a high authority. We just converse like we normally do, We chatter like a normal player and we utter words straight from our heart. And speaking of convo’s here are some memorable lines we received from our dear WYDIAN’s.

CM Dhar can you make me a CM?

Anyway we are very sorry to inform you that we cannot grant that wish. CM’s are actually an employee of the company ( Hanbitsoft / JoyImpact). We cannot recruit a normal player online as a community manager unless if you are working here.

First and foremost Game Masters and Community Managers are different. Game Masters are the one who are responsible for your daily Q and A and some technical and operational aspects of the game while Community Managers are responsible for the community itself. We are almost the same as the GM’s its just that we focus on interacting with you guys on line.

Think of us as a  “Community GM” and GM Helius, Loki, Nemesis, Zeus and gang as “Operational GM’s

You CM’s are sneaky people!

We are indeed sneaky! But we will make sure that if you need us we will be there. We are always online its just that we cant be seen by your naked eye.

Why are you so tall CM?

Obviously because ok CON! anyway theres a reason for it CM Nyx and i decided to boost our stat into CON so we will be tall. The purpose of that is to be recognized, to be seen easily by a player. Its just a personal choice. CM Aruman and CM Tonbarry’s size is normal.

CM i was hacked, scam, want to be OP, inteview, *insert demand here*

This is not a part of our Job its the GM’s. But it doesnt mean that we will leave you as if we are useless. If you got any concerns about that kindly submit a Q and A and wait for the friendly GM’s to reply within 24 hours. But lets just see what we can do.

CM PT me, Money Plz, Trade me, Join Guild etc….

As much as we want to give you but we cannot. We are not allowed to do that activities unless we are asked to do so by the Higher Authority.

CM can u come to the PK Area?

Sure why not? but keep in mind that CM’s are immortals!
Thats all Guys and Dolls. I hope that you learned something from me 🙂 till next entry ~toodles!